How exactly to configure and Install McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge extension?

Install And Configure McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension – McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge lets you use the EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) which is cloud-hosted on Intel Security. It is kind of an extension which allows you to connect the McAfee ePO cloud account with the McAfee ePO server. You can download and install the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension from the official website using the McAfee Grant Number. You will be able to access the McAfee download site with your McAfee Grant Number. Here in this article, we will be discussing the process to Install And Configure McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension.


First, open your browser and visit to download the product.

Now, go directly to the product’s download page and select your version of the merchandise from the list then.

Furthermore, you need to click on the Download button.

You will be redirected to the login page now, enter your McAfee grant Number.

After typing the Grant Number, enter the Captcha code in the mandatory field and click Submit then.

From your page, select the click and extension download to begin downloading the .zip file.

Now, you will need to open the McAfee ePO console and choose the Menu option then.

Go through the Software and from the list you need to choose Extensions then.

After selecting the Extensions option you will need to go through the install Expansion option.

Now, you need to find the downloaded zip file and click Ok then.

In addition, you will need to verify the true name of the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge in the Extensions list.

After following a process which above is mentioned, you shall be able to download and install McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension on one’s body. If you discover any problems while downloading the merchandise you might need to get hold of McAfee or check us out at for the support.


Ensure that you will need to have administrator rights to complete the tasks.

Now, click on the Menu and select the configuration from the list then.

Furthermore, you will need to go through the Server Settings.

Now, go directly to the Settings Categories, select McAfee ePO cloud account and click Edit then.

You will need to click on the Edit button from the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge page.

When you have McAfee ePO cloud account type your credentials then.

Click on the “I accept the License Contract” after reading all the conditions and conditions.

After that, go through the Save button.

In case, you do not then have a merchant account

Go through the Signup button to complete the procedure.

Now, complete the configuration and go back to the McAfee ePO cloud bridge page then.

Now, a pop-up window will display with Status: linked and configured email.

Congratulations! The McAfee ePO cloud bridge extension successfully configured. In the event you find it too difficult contact McAfee or check us out at online

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