How do I renew my Trend Micro subscription?

Have you purchased Trend micro subscription and downloaded the setup from page? But maybe now it’s been the time and subscription need a renewal? If yes, then read the full article.

Trend micro subscription is the way to activate the software where you can further download it from site. The installation works until your product subscription is activated. If you are Trend micro user and your subscription has expired, then below, we have discussed the procedure to renew it.

Renew subscription using Trend Micro Account

The trend micro account has its essential role in downloading as well as in renewing the subscription. Follow below steps to renew it using Trend micro login account –

  1. Open the Trend micro account at, submit the login details, and click sign in.
  2. Look for TrendMicro product that you want to renew and hit the RENEW NOW button.
  3. It will redirect you to the subscription page. Here you can renew it by following the on-screen instructions and complete the renewal.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription On Windows Pc

You can renew Trend Micro subscription from downloaded setup on your Windows PC. Follow below :

  1. Open the Trend Micro console and double tap on the Trend Micro icon.
  2. Open the subscription and click on the expiration date.
  3. Once the Subscription Information page opens, hit the RENEW NOW button.
  4. You will be redirected to the subscription purchase page on your browser, where you can buy 1 or 2-year renewal.
  5. Choose one renewal subscription and click on BUY NOW.
  6. Proceed the payment steps and click on AGREE AND CONTINUE button.
  7. hit the PLACE SECURE ORDER button and complete the renewal.

If you have Mac apple, then you can follow the same procedure to renew the subscription.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription On Android Phone Or Tablet 

Trend micro mobile security is the right choice to secure your personal data on mobile. If your subscription has expired, then renew it with below-following steps.

  1. Open the Trend micro mobile security on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Tap on the MENU and then go to RENEW/ACTIVATE.
  3. Under the renew/activate button, hit the RENEW NOW button.
  4. Choose the 1 year or 2 years subscription as per your need and hit the PURCHASE button.
  5. Fill the details asked in display and complete the procedure.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription on your iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch TrendMicro subscription has expired, then follow the below steps to renew it.

  1. Open Trend Micro Mobile Security app and go to SETTINGS
  2. Below the Account option, tap on the Renew/activate button.
  3. Here select the subscription package and click on the Purchase button.
  4. Check your email and confirm the subscription. 

Once you renew the Trend Micro subscription on your devices, you can scan the device and protect the data.

Peter Wills  is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about, cryptography, malware,Cyber security social engineering, internet. He writes for Trend micro products at

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