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Get started – Install McAfee With Activation Code | Enter 25-Digits Key and Download McAfee

Get the 25-digit key and Install McAfee with activation code on your device. Register your McAfee product and protect your device after installation. McAfee offers protection for Windows as well as Mac computer. McAfee also provides security applications for mobile devices including androids, iOS, and smartphones. 

Today’s life is completely filled with an online platform where work as well as other data is linked with the internet. This is the best platform for hackers also. Hence, McAfee is the antivirus that can save your data, provide cybersecurity and internet security as well. So, purchase a keycode and Install McAfee with activation code on your device. 

Steps to Take Before You Install McAfee With Activation Code 

Before you install McAfee with activation code on your computer, there are few steps you should take to download the McAfee setup. The one is, you must have found the activation key, an account should be there to proceed activation and other procedure, then ensure that your device is fulfilling the system requirements and download the setup.

Find the McAfee activation key –

The 25 alphanumeric digits code which is commonly known as McAfee activation key helps in proceeding activation of the software. This key is available online as well as offline which you can choose as per your wish. You can redeem and locate the key with below steps;

Online Purchase – 

In an online purchase, go to online stores through web browsers such as Walmart or Best Buy. 

Once you purchase the key successfully,

  • Open your registered email through mail app or browser.
  • Look for the received McAfee email.
  • To find the key, scroll down the page.
  • Copy the code on the clipboard so that you can install McAfee with activation code and activation. 
  • Paste the key during activation.

Redeem the Retail card –

The retail card can be purchased from a retail store. The card comes with instructions that show activation guide to Install McAfee with activation code on your device. If you have a retail card, then

  • Open the outer packaging of the card.
  • Check it backside to check instructions and see the key.
  • Find the key which as hidden and scratch the field – XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
  • Now, you can use the key for activating McAfee software.

Create McAfee account and Register the product to Install McAfee with Activation Code 

McAfee Account is essential to proceed with multiple actions such as activation, subscription purchase, renewal, and others. After you install McAfee with activation code on the computer, you can activate and upgrade the software using the McAfee account. Follow below steps to create an account for McAfee sign in;

Step 1 – Open your device browser, and go to the page.

Step 2 – Hit on the “My Account” option showing on the page’s top right.

Step 3 – Click Sign In tab from the shown dropdown options list.

Step 4 – Once you reach on the login page, go to the registration page by clicking on the “Register Now” tab shown on the right side.

Step 5 – Fill the details asked by the registration form such as first name, last name, email, password, and others.

Step 6 – Hit the “I Agree” tab.

Step 7 – Click on the Register now or Sign In button.

Now, validate to confirm the email and create the McAfee account successfully.

McAfee Setup Basic System Requirements before You Install McAfee with Activation Code 

Before you download and Install McAfee with Activation Code on your computer, check below system requirements to be sure that your device is ready for installation;

Operating system –

  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1, 8,8.1, and 10.
  • MAC OS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 to 10.15
  • 1 GHz Processor with 2 GB RAM.
  • 500 MB hard disk space.

Mobile devices –

  • Google Androids and smartphone 4.1 or Later.
  • iOS 10 or later.

Supported Browsers – must be updated 

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10.0 or later, Microsoft Edge with or without (Chromium-based)

   Internet Connection –

  • Internet connection should be higher. So, that one can download the setup without any interruption or hassle. 

Download McAfee Setup and Protect Your Device 

Downloading McAfee product setup is necessary to Install McAfee with Activation Code on your device. You can proceed for it using below instruction in primary as well in the secondary device;  

Step 1 – Open the web browser and Go to the

Step 2 – Copy and paste the code from the email. Otherwise, if you have a retail card and submit the key.

Step 3 – On the same page, you can directly hit the “Download your software” link. It’s optional for them, who have already registered their product using the license key. 

Step 4 – If you have not registered the product, then skip step 3 and log in to the McAfee account.

Step 5 – Click and go to the Subscription option. Then, choose the product you have purchased using the subscription.

Step 6 – Select your device that you want to protect such as Windows or Mac and tap on the Download button.

Step 7 – Now, go to the downloaded setup folder and double-click on the setup icon to Install McAfee with Activation Code on your computer.

If you want to download the same setup on another device, then you can send the download link from the primary device email to mail which is opened in another device. Then, download the product setup from the received link and install it.

Install McAfee with Activation Code On Windows and Mac PC

Once you download the McAfee setup completely, then installation can be done easily. You should check and make sure that your device has no conflict antivirus. If there is any, then remove another program. Otherwise, you may find errors during installation. Here are instructions to Install McAfee on both Windows and Mac computers;

Install McAfee with Activation Code on Windows PC –

  1. Go to the folder where you saved the installer file and double-click the icon.
  2. The extractor will start processing and it will start installing the program.
  3. If it asks to accept the user terms and privacy policy, then read and agree with the user license terms.
  4. When the installer will complete the installation, you will see a message – “McAfee VirusScan Setup completed successfully” on display, hit OK.
  5. You can now see the installation process is running and virus definitions are installing.
  6. To complete the process, press any key as it says – Press any key to continue and restart your device.
  7. Then, activate the software by entering keycode while asked. 

Install McAfee with Activation Code on Mac PC –

1. Locate the saved installer folder and double-click on the installer file seems like the name of McAfee-MacInstaller-x.x.dmg.

2. Close your device browsers during installation. For later McAfee versions, this action is not mandatory.

3. To begin the installation, double-click the McAfee-MacInstaller installer icon.

4. Enter the Mac administrator credentials while asked.

5. In the installer window, type or paste the Serial number in the related field.

6. Wait until the installer gets download, and scan the computer for installation.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate and complete the action of Install McAfee with Activation Code on the device.

8. Click Finish and complete the process.

9. Additionally, if the safari opens or you see the message, then hit the Trust button and Enable the SiteAdvisor extension.

10. Also, for the first installation, the firewall may pop-up. hence, choose HOME or WORK. The firewall will create a default network rule if you don’t choose the option.

Update McAfee Software 

Once you install McAfee with activation code on your device, it automatically upgrades your McAfee software. If you download the setup latest version from the official site, then software installs with updates. Still, you can update the McAfee manually with below steps;

Step 1 – In the bottom right corner of the taskbar, right-click on McAfee icon.

Step 2 – Look for the “Check for updates” button and click on it. Wait for the software to check if updates are available or not.

Step 4 – If you see a message that there is no update available, then close the window. Otherwise, you should wait until the McAfee gets updated.

Step 5 – Check the updates by opening the McAfee program and see if McAfee has updated or not.

Step 6 – Verify the update confirmation with below instructions;

If you see a Green status bar saying “Your computer is secure”, it means McAfee has successfully updated.

If you see a red status bar, then your program is in security risk.


How do I renew my Trend Micro subscription?

Have you purchased Trend micro subscription and downloaded the setup from page? But maybe now it’s been the time and subscription need a renewal? If yes, then read the full article.

Trend micro subscription is the way to activate the software where you can further download it from site. The installation works until your product subscription is activated. If you are Trend micro user and your subscription has expired, then below, we have discussed the procedure to renew it.

Renew subscription using Trend Micro Account

The trend micro account has its essential role in downloading as well as in renewing the subscription. Follow below steps to renew it using Trend micro login account –

  1. Open the Trend micro account at, submit the login details, and click sign in.
  2. Look for TrendMicro product that you want to renew and hit the RENEW NOW button.
  3. It will redirect you to the subscription page. Here you can renew it by following the on-screen instructions and complete the renewal.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription On Windows Pc

You can renew Trend Micro subscription from downloaded setup on your Windows PC. Follow below :

  1. Open the Trend Micro console and double tap on the Trend Micro icon.
  2. Open the subscription and click on the expiration date.
  3. Once the Subscription Information page opens, hit the RENEW NOW button.
  4. You will be redirected to the subscription purchase page on your browser, where you can buy 1 or 2-year renewal.
  5. Choose one renewal subscription and click on BUY NOW.
  6. Proceed the payment steps and click on AGREE AND CONTINUE button.
  7. hit the PLACE SECURE ORDER button and complete the renewal.

If you have Mac apple, then you can follow the same procedure to renew the subscription.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription On Android Phone Or Tablet 

Trend micro mobile security is the right choice to secure your personal data on mobile. If your subscription has expired, then renew it with below-following steps.

  1. Open the Trend micro mobile security on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Tap on the MENU and then go to RENEW/ACTIVATE.
  3. Under the renew/activate button, hit the RENEW NOW button.
  4. Choose the 1 year or 2 years subscription as per your need and hit the PURCHASE button.
  5. Fill the details asked in display and complete the procedure.

Renew Trend Micro Subscription on your iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch TrendMicro subscription has expired, then follow the below steps to renew it.

  1. Open Trend Micro Mobile Security app and go to SETTINGS
  2. Below the Account option, tap on the Renew/activate button.
  3. Here select the subscription package and click on the Purchase button.
  4. Check your email and confirm the subscription. 

Once you renew the Trend Micro subscription on your devices, you can scan the device and protect the data.

Peter Wills  is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about, cryptography, malware,Cyber security social engineering, internet. He writes for Trend micro products at

Sign up to McAfee Activate for endless cyber protection

Feel the given solution to eradicate McAfee not responding issue:

Nowadays, cyber crimes are increasing. With the upsurge in criminal activities, people are receiving aware and also have began to protect their systems from getting infected by any type of virus that could damage the machine. An antivirus known as has been developed remember the necessity of the visitors to steer clear of the above-mentioned threat.

McAfee encompasses an array of antivirus products to meet the various demands of the social people. The products can scan, identify any probable virus, and protect your devices- laptop, desktop, smartphone, PCs, and more from getting infected. Therefore, it is needed to set up on your device and keep a normal check up on its updates. This app won’t let people down by fighting against the virus and protecting your computer data from cybercriminals.

Probable reasons for the problem:

Of its qualities and services regardless, there comes a period when does properly not scan and responds. Prior to going through the task of fixing the presssing issue, why don’t we first know the primary reasons that could be causing McAfee never to work properly:

1:It may be because of the older version of McAfee products running on your device. The possible reason this may have happened is that you may have forgotten to update the application and the older version is not supporting the machine anymore.

2:Another good reason may be the older version of Operating System running on your device. When you have not updated to the latest version of OPERATING-SYSTEM, McAfee won’t support it.

3:Some of the files might have become corrupt or damaged if you have repaired it even.

4:One’s body needed a restore nevertheless, you have forgotten to execute it thanks for some good reasons.

5:The third-parties may cause the error also.

There may be a great many other reasons except both mentioned previously. But these can be set too, with the next method:

How exactly to fix “McAfee Activate not Scanning and Detecting” issue?

First troubleshooting method that you can test is uninstalling the older version of McAfee and installing the latest version. You may also install the updates to the older version of uninstalling and reinstalling it instead.

The user is preferred to update the OPERATING-SYSTEM and install the McAfee security suite onto it then.

Check the membership plan and its own time of expiration. If the program has expired, you may have to pay for the subscription so that McAfee starts working as soon as possible again.

Perform the needed system restore to make your security software run properly.

Take away the third-party from one’s body for the smooth working of antivirus software.

You can even install and run the McAfee Virtual Technical Tool to solve various problems related to your product.

To summarize –

McAfee is focused on helping users throughout their digital experience. If any trouble is faced by you with or any of its products, you can contact customer care about the presssing issue. From the scanning concern apart, you can also talk with experts in the event you wish to know about some of its products, installation or features process. McAfee executives can be found to work with you at any hour.

Know more about the Mcafee Activation Key or Product Key

In order to on your device, you will need a McAfee Product key or Activation Key. This Product Key is 25 digit alphanumeric unique code. You should keep your Product Key safe and accessible to you. You can redeem the Product Key after you make the purchase. In case of online purchase from official site or third-party store, the Product Key will be sent to you on your registered Email ID. Probably you can purchase McAfee CD/DVD and product key will be mentioned on the back of the retail card.

If you are facing any problem with these steps hence contact the McAfee Customer Support. In case you lost your product key or unable to redeem product, contact Mcafee Support.

How exactly to configure and Install McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge extension?

Install And Configure McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension – McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge lets you use the EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) which is cloud-hosted on Intel Security. It is kind of an extension which allows you to connect the McAfee ePO cloud account with the McAfee ePO server. You can download and install the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension from the official website using the McAfee Grant Number. You will be able to access the McAfee download site with your McAfee Grant Number. Here in this article, we will be discussing the process to Install And Configure McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension.


First, open your browser and visit to download the product.

Now, go directly to the product’s download page and select your version of the merchandise from the list then.

Furthermore, you need to click on the Download button.

You will be redirected to the login page now, enter your McAfee grant Number.

After typing the Grant Number, enter the Captcha code in the mandatory field and click Submit then.

From your page, select the click and extension download to begin downloading the .zip file.

Now, you will need to open the McAfee ePO console and choose the Menu option then.

Go through the Software and from the list you need to choose Extensions then.

After selecting the Extensions option you will need to go through the install Expansion option.

Now, you need to find the downloaded zip file and click Ok then.

In addition, you will need to verify the true name of the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge in the Extensions list.

After following a process which above is mentioned, you shall be able to download and install McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge Extension on one’s body. If you discover any problems while downloading the merchandise you might need to get hold of McAfee or check us out at for the support.


Ensure that you will need to have administrator rights to complete the tasks.

Now, click on the Menu and select the configuration from the list then.

Furthermore, you will need to go through the Server Settings.

Now, go directly to the Settings Categories, select McAfee ePO cloud account and click Edit then.

You will need to click on the Edit button from the McAfee ePO Cloud Bridge page.

When you have McAfee ePO cloud account type your credentials then.

Click on the “I accept the License Contract” after reading all the conditions and conditions.

After that, go through the Save button.

In case, you do not then have a merchant account

Go through the Signup button to complete the procedure.

Now, complete the configuration and go back to the McAfee ePO cloud bridge page then.

Now, a pop-up window will display with Status: linked and configured email.

Congratulations! The McAfee ePO cloud bridge extension successfully configured. In the event you find it too difficult contact McAfee or check us out at online

The 2019 version features Artemis, a fresh Internet-based malware detection feature. Offsetting Artemis and McAfee‘s generally good malware detection rate otherwise, however, were its slow scanning speed, its interface annoyances, and its own inadequate performance in proactive, behavioral detection tests.

Security that protects your digital lifestyle proven, McAfee Internet Security Suite aids in preventing damage and usage of irreplaceable documents, such as digital photos, family movies, and personal financial data. Internet Security Suite protects against viruses, spyware, hackers, and “phishing” scams that may lead to lost files, identity theft, and poor PC performance.

The PC is just about the hub for your digital lifestyle. You store your digital assets-photos, movies, music, resume, and other valuable documents-on your PC. The Internet is used by you for digital communications, including e-mail, instant messaging, online shopping, and banking. This mixture has generated the perfect environment for viruses, spyware, and hackers to threaten your personal computer, data, and identity.

McAfee Internet Security program prohibits unauthorized access to and from the web also, blocks persistent or unwanted pop-up ads, manages cookies, and filters offensive and unwanted Internet and e-mail content. With automated, daily updates, Internet Security Suite is a thorough, multi-layered security solution that protects your most significant digital files and private information from the latest security threats.

How exactly to manage your McAfee MVISION cloud security to safeguard your data?

Cybersecurity is the shield for Internet-connected systems, including hardware, data and software, from cyber attacks. Inside a computing framework, security comprises cybersecurity, and physical security – both are utilized by enterprises to safeguard against illegal usage of data centers and other computerized systems. To safeguard your computer data from cyber attacks or cybercriminals McAfee has proclaimed its support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). McAfee MVISION Cloud presently integrates with GCP Cloud SCC to aid security professionals to get visibility and management over their cloud resources, detects, and protects from threats.

You will find two primary types of the cloud security for computing by which organizations can be managed naturally, the software-as-a-service known as infrastructure-as-a-service and SaaS known as IaaS. IaaS and saas area device used for various functions, resulting in different security and management practices. However, throughout a few techniques they’re similar enough to be managed along. Browse below for a cloud security management blueprint that will help you to control cloud-computing security with efficiency, with visibility and management of your resources within the cloud overall.

Understand how McAfee MVISION cloud security protects your computer data

Security for every atmosphere cloud, has general public cloud security solutions enable you to increase knowledge loss prevention and access management to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Office 365, as well as your virtual knowledge center security policy to Microsoft and AWS Azure for economical hybrid cloud security management.

Cloud SCC users will gain data from the configuration audit features of McAfee MVISION Cloud to find hidden risks and enforce configuration guidelines.

Offered these days generally, Cloud SCC may be comprehensive security information and management risks platform for GCP, made to assist security groups to forestall, find and answer threats in one pane of glass.

It offers visibility in what assets are running in Google Cloud yet as risky misconfigurations, enterprises will scale back their contact with threats thus.

With incident information from McAfee MVISION Cloud, Cloud SCC will facilitate improve AN organization’s risk and security posture at intervals GCP.

A few of its features are mentioned below:

Event investigation: With an extra layer of visibility from McAfee MVISION Cloud, security professionals shall priorities violations and investigate activities, anomalies, and threats with improved insight.

Construction auditing: Users will leverage industry-benchmarked construction audit policies made to comprehensively evaluate GCP resources and AN end-to-end assessment of risk.

Security and compliance controls: Users tend to be notified to require action deep at intervals the category of GCP services to improve plan violations and stop security threats.

“With McAfee Activate MVISION Cloud for CSCC, security procedures professionals can enter the cloud security incident information from McAfee MVISION Cloud for a supplementary layer of insight to improve their safety and compliance outcomes,”

“Users can have the versatility to produce faster and extra knowing actions in Cloud SCC, resulting in increase security and improved business impact ultimately.”

In shut partnership with Google Cloud, McAfee permits customers to make their security and event management ecosystems in a sensitive manner.

The capability to decide on the principal significant metrics from any vendor and gather that information in a single place permits organizations to recommend the easiest utilization out of GCP with a borderline risk.

Like a McAfee MVISION Cloud client, we’re able to currently extend our commitment to GCP with a more powerful ability to guard our information,’ said by legendary diversion procedures and security vice chairperson Dan Meacham.

Notice- McAfee MVISION Cloud is on the GCP Marketplace presently.



You are helped by this article change your six-digit PIN. This technique requires you know your previous six-digit PIN to authenticate the PIN change.

IMPORTANT: This short article mentions features in McAfee Mobile Security which have been removed in version February 2019 2 which was released. These features were removed to adhere to Google’s updated application development policies that restrict developer usage of certain elements of the Android operating-system.

The affected features are highlighted below. If an MMS is being used by you version earlier than 5.2, you can continue steadily to use these features. But, when you update to 5.2 or later, these features are no available longer. To find out more about why these features were removed, see TS102890.

People use to improve their McAfee Mobile Security Pin code when they fear so much someone might crack the code and access their mobile data. The mobile version of McAfee Anti-virus Security gives you to safeguard your device from unauthorized access by locking it with a 6-digit PIN number.

Be sure to remember your original Six-digit Pin number to authenticate the PIN reset. Also, be sure to have McAfee Antivirus security installed on your device properly. You can buy your McAfee security via card for McAfee activation on your device.

Besides, you will need to make sure that your McAfee activation subscription is current before proceeding.

You will find two ways to improve or reset your PIN number through your mobile device and via web portal. We shall go through both process one at a time.

To improve your 6-digits McAfee Mobile Security PIN code from Cellular phone:

  1. Touch your McAfee Antivirus Mobile Security icon and open it.
  2. Go directly to the “Settings” segment
  3. Select “General Settings” button
  4. Touch “Change PIN” and follow the prompts on-screen

To reset your 6-digits McAfee Mobile Security PIN number from the net portal

  1. Go to the “MY Account” section and register to your McAfee account by entering your user ID and PIN, or by making use of your password and username
  2. Go directly to the “Settings” section
  3. Select “General Settings” button
  4. Touch “Change PIN” and follow the prompts on-screen

If protection against cyber threats is a large question, then McAfee anti-virus security is the right answer counter this threat. You are able to activate

your McAfee mobile security via card.

However, if an infected website can scare prospective customers, a good one will experience vast traffic of shoppers and site visitors who take their time to investigate your products and may finish up into buying something. They visit several websites at a right time to get the best offers on what they seek online. Within their desperation, they sometimes come across websites that are just fabricated as an instrument to infiltrate your digital privacy, which is quite risky. People want to find out more about your business, services and products. It might be wise to make sure that your website is user-friendly with easy navigation and equipped with both charm and safety features. Therefore, people can revisit your site with no anything to fear anytime.

Soon, McAfee will introduce a fresh security feature that changes the browsing connection with an incredible number of customers around the world.


The list below mentions Buddy Lists, which are just supported in MMS versions sooner than version 5.2. If you work with version 5.2 or later, Buddy Lists are no supported longer.

If you’re struggling to change the six-digit PIN, contact McAfee Support at

Name of the application form (McAfee Mobile Security)

Your user name (contact number for smartphone and email for tablet)

Your registered email McAfee or address Account

The IMEI/MEID quantity of your device (Android ID for tablets)

Your registered buddy name and email address for verification


Nowadays it has become compulsory to install an antivirus in your computer. Without it, your computer is open to all types of threats and attacks. You can find many brands of antivirus in the market. Good and strong antivirus software should be able to give maximum safety to your system. Therefore, you must make the choice sensibly. Modern day devices come pre-loaded with antivirus software. You just have to activate it and you will get started. You can certainly do so by simply clicking on the link Here are a few steps for how you can activate your pre-installed Mcafee software.

1: In your personal computer, you have to open up your Mcafee software. In the application form, you will see ‘your membership’ option. Usually, you will get the choice under the tab ‘my info’ however the location might vary for different brands.

2: Beneath the option, ‘edit profile’, you have to click on the option. After that, you shall enter the website.

3: You have to type your email click and address on the next button.

4: You must produce a password. Understand that you should provide a strong password    always. Your security password must contain characters, symbols and numbers. From then on, you have to click on the next option.

By following above steps, your account will be created and your software would be activated. Additionally it is recommended that for activating the software, you must use your present email id. In any case, you ignore your password, a mail will be sent to you. also, you can take the help from technical support if regardless, you are unable to register using the above steps.


You shall find an instrument tray in the application form. There you have to right go through the Mcafee icon. From then on, click on the membership verify.

As as the procedure is completed soon, you must open the McAfee click and software on your subscription option.

Check the expiry times in mcafee activate trigger and you are set.


The benefits of good antivirus are numerous. In fact, it has become compulsory to install it in your system. Here are some of the reasons why you should install Mcafee on your computer:

Your system is protected from a wide range of malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware etc.

You get to enjoy the advantages of a personal firewall of Mcafee. In addition, it comes free with the software. Don’t assume all antivirus gets the feature.

It effectively and efficiently controls the malicious sites and links. It will constantly warn you against opening any dangerous link. This way it keeps your system safe from threats by constantly analysing the sites.

Mcafee is comparatively easy to use. You can simply utilize it to scan at different modes.

Mcafee is certified software which means you can safely use it. It effectively removes the disease and all types of destructive software from your computer.

It also effectively detects the harmful software and removes them completely.

Mcafee scans your entire system within the standard time and constantly reminds you of any updates it needs to give.

The help and support system of the software is also very useful. You can watch video tutorials and make good use of them. You can get your questions answered anytime from the support system online through chatting.

Whether you are using or any other software, you should always assess the pros and cons before you make the purchase. An antivirus should be able to cover maximum risks and risks to your computer systems. You can certainly purchase your antivirus online or from the retailer. The process of activation may vary for different software but you can easily activate it using some simple steps.

McAfee Drive Encryption 7.2.0 Installation Guide McAfee Drive Encryption 7.2.0 Installation Guide

Trial Set up Requirements

During the installing this McAfee Activate endpoint suite, the Endpoint Encryption for PC client and associated management documents were checked into the McAfee ePO server. A deployment job was created for you as well automatically. Remember that after deployment of Endpoint Encryption, a reboot is necessary.

High-level process

  • Register your Dynamic Directory server
  • Set Home windows authorization in McAfee ePO
  • Modify policies
  • Test for successful deployment and encryption with an endpoint
  • Consider additional requirements for pre-boot network stack

Before you begin

  • Notice the hostname or IP address of an Active Directory website Area Controller / AD Server
  • Consider interesting McAfee Com Activate professional services to assist with your production installation

Disclaimer 1: This process should only be done in a test environment. McAfee does not recommend testing full disk encryption software in a production environment.

Configure EEPC Product Settings Policy

This policy controls the behavior of the EEPC agent. It contains things like the policy for enabling encryption, enabling automatic booting, and controlling the theme for the pre-boot environment. In McAfee ePO go to Menu | Policy | Plan Catalog. Then choose Endpoint Encryption from the Product drop-down list. Then choose Product Settings from the Category drop-down list. Locate the My Default plan and click Edit Configurations.


  1. Click Menu → Systems → System Tree → Systems, select a group from theSystem Tree then.
  2. Select an operational system, then click Activities → Agent → Modify Plans about the same System.
  3. From the Product drop-down list, select Drive Encryption 7.2. The policy categories under Drive Encryption are shown with the system’s assigned plan.
  4. Choose the Product Establishing policy category, click Edit Assignments then.
  5. If the plan is inherited, select Break inheritance and assign the configurations and policy below next to Inherit from.
  6. In the Assigned plan drop-down list, decide on a product setting policy.
  7. Out of this location, you can edit the selected plan, or create a fresh policy.
  8. Choose whether to lock plan inheritance. Any systems that inherit this policy can’t have a different one assigned in its place.
  9. On the overall tab, deselect Enable plan.
  10. Be aware: On Opal systems, ensure that you select the right encryption company and collection the priority, as appropriate, so that the policy enforcement properly occurs.
  11. Click Save on the Policy Settings page, click Save well on the merchandise Settings web page then.
  12. Send a realtor wake-up call.

Be aware: On disabling the merchandise setting plan, all the encrypted drives are decrypted, and the Drive Encryption position becomes Inactive. This can take a few hours with respect to the true number and size of the encrypted drives. However, customer systems with Opal drives swiftly become Inactive very And for info

How to update Mcafee?


In your  Windows computers on the network are required to have McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software installed on their computer. Learn how to install McAfee Activate VirusScan

VirusScan is pre-configured to automatically updated your antivirus protection every day from your computer. Sometimes AutoUpdate does not run automatically, such as when your computer is turned off and  you need to manually update your virus protection, do the following:

Verify the McAfee Activate Total Protection software is running on your computer. A small “M” icon appears in the system tray of your computer’s taskbar whenever the program is running.  the location of “M” icon is not present in this location, use either the McAfee desktop icon or the McAfee “Start” menu icon to load the program. If the icon does appear in the system tray, double click on it to open the main McAfee Total Protection program window.

  1. Verify  your system tray (bottom-right corner of your screen) and right-click the VirusScan icon after  click Update Security. Note: If you may need to expand the systems tray by clicking the arrow to see the icon.
  1. Then wait for AutoUpdate finishe and  click Close.
  1. Click on the  “Home” button on the left side of the screen. A series of general options in regards to the program will open in the main program window.
  1. Click the  “Update” button and directly beneath the “Protection Status” option. Both of these options are located in the “Home” section of the window on screen.
  1. Click the  “Update” button in the main portion of the window. McAfee Total Protection will now use your Internet connection to download any virus definition updates that are available. You will receive a message indicating the completion of the process once the updated definitions have downloaded and installed. Performing a full system scan of your computer now that the definitions have been updated will result in a much more accurate and thorough search of your hard drive for viruses and other types of malicious software.
  1. Restart your computer.

Go to for more information about anti-virus protection.

Do not use periods when naming your files! Outlook moves messages with attachments that have 2 or more periods in the name (For example: notes.04.01.20.doc) to the Junk E-mail folder. To prevent this, do not use periods when naming your files, and also remind people that send you attachments not to use periods.

Follow this Step to Protect your computer from Virus:

  • Secure your web browser before go online. This is deny viruses and probes an easy target.
  • Install reputable anti-virus software like McAfee and keep it up to date.To find the best antivirus that suits your needs, read this ultimate guide that will teach you more about antiviruses, its main features and what should you look for.
  • Install a proactive security solution for multilayer protection. Anything that remotely executes is code running on your computer.
  • Be careful online and don’t click on suspicious link. Even if the site is itself not infected, it may contain ads that are.
  • Don’t download and/or execute untrusted software or “warez.”These frequently bundle viruses.
  • Don’t open email attachments that are sent to you unprompted.Even if it is from someone you know, there is no guarantee it was actually sent by your contact.
  • Don’t install spurious software. Browser toolbars and the like can be full of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). These are also often bundled with actually useful programs like the Java runtime, so don’t be sloppy when installing.

By following these instructions and keeping a backup on hand, you will significantly reduce the incidence of viruses.